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LCD/LCM/TFT/OLED Display Screen Manufacturer


Since established in 2002, Suzhou Sufu phase electronic Technology Co., LTD is specializing in manufacture and sales of high quality LCD displays including monochrome TN/STN/FSTN LCM, COG LCD, VA LCD, TFT LCD display modules.

TOMY’s plant locates in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province,

covering an area of 50,000 ㎡.

Technical Strength
As a leading manufacturer in the display screen market, TOMY dedicates to the R&D of LCD, TFT, OLED screens and embedded system. More than 20% of our employees are R&D engineers, who have achieved more than 20 patents for TOMY.
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Application Case
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Household appliance
Smart homes not only have traditional living functions, but also have functions such as construction, network communication, information appliances, equipment automation, providing a full range of information interaction, and even saving money for various energy costs. With the continuous development of science, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life. Smart home touch display has gradually entered people's lives and families, and the world has entered the trend of intelligent development.
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Blood pressure monitor
In the hospital, we often see medical devices, and the vast majority of medical devices are equipped with medical lcd LCD screens
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In the existing technology, the walkie-talkie is mostly used in the construction site, so the walkie-talkie often falls and bumps,As the occurrence, due to the lack of buffer and shock absorption function of the display screen, it is easy to cause the display screen on the walkie-talkie to be knocked and damaged, or generated vibration,The movement causes the display component to loosen, resulting in the display can not be used normally, in the hot summer, the outdoor construction site temperature is higher High, will lead to the high temperature of the intercom display, so that the display at high temperature work, greatly reducing the use of the display life
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Car screen
Car displays often have other functions besides playing programs. For example, after connecting the car camera, it can automatically display the scenery behind the car when reversing, which is convenient for reversing. In addition, it may also have other additional functions such as small speakers and small lights. Because the space inside the car is relatively small, the environment in which the car is moving is more changed, so the on-board display device may also have automatic backlight adjustment, anti-glare, automatic Angle adjustment and other functions to adapt to the particularity of the car.
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The meter screen is usually placed in the central control room, and the protection level of the screen is not less than IP32. The screen body includes a joint junction box, air switch, voltage line, current line, line nose, label and other components accompanying the screen.
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Coffee machine
You can use the touch interface to adjust the coffee concentration, the amount of espresso and the right temperature to create your own coffee taste. Reasonable adjustment of water temperature to restore the original aroma of coffee; The temperature setting at each step is clear.
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Can enhance the user experience. VR/AR technology brings people a sense of immersive presence, from vision, hearing, smell are covered by VR, better focus on virtual reality experience, will not be disturbed by the outside world, consumers not only mind being in the shopping scene created by merchants, but also can try and experience goods.
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Quality Management
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